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  • An Octave Higher’s Screenshots & Game Art (Major Spoiler)

    The following images are artwork and backgrounds from An Octave Higher by Kidalang. My recap on An Octave Higher An Octave Higher’s walkthroughs (all endings)

  • An Octave Higher Game Review

    I stumbled upon An Octave Higher by Kidalang when it was on sale for $2.99 on Steam. Being a visual novel with fine graphics at first glance, the game looked promising just like any other visual novels out there. It’s fair to say that I didn’t have very high expectation. Visual novel is a rather underdeveloped […]

  • (Mild Spoiler) Life Is Strange Game Review

      Life Is Strange feels like an interactive visual novel/adventure, but it’s also its own genre in a way because there are so few games like it. (Let me know in the comment section if you can think of any. I’d appreciate it very much.) I really enjoyed the narration style which switches between cinematic […]