80 Days Game Review

It’s rare for me to spend money on any game, much less at full price, unless I really like it. So when 80 Days popped up on my Steam recommendations, I didn’t expect much from it. Despite of my initial skepticism, the preview images were quite appealing. I bought it at full price (the first time ever) and realized half way through that I had been searching for this exact game a year ago, but this was the first time it was available on PC (and Mac also).

80 Days is an interactive visual novel game inspired by a (physical) novel of the same name by Jules Verne. (You even get to meet Jules Verne almost as soon as the game starts, and he will comment that your name, Passepartout, is weird.) In this game, you play as a valet of an annoyingly posh British gentlemanmaking choices of where to travel and trying to return to London in 80 days. I’m a huge fan of this genre. But despite the fact that it’s the visual graphics that make a game in my opinion (and this game lacks it), I’m still in love with this game already. It’s highly interactive, impressively story-rich, and even subtly humorous.


Poor Marco ;_;
Poor Marco ;_;

Go anywhere and develop your story. What is it going to be? If you don’t want to listen to that mean captain talk about a pet penguin named Marco (R.I.P.), you can also go to the North Pole and start a romance with a much nicer captain who does not heartlessly betray their own pet and eat it! What is wrong with you?!

Then, after he dumps you unceremoniously, you can choose one of these three options. Tough choice, honestly.
Then, when you find him after he dumps you unceremoniously, you can choose one of these three options. Tough choice, honestly.

There is a great variety of where you can go and stories you can encounter. On top of my head, so far, I’ve participated in solving a murder case, assisting in a birth delivery while on a ship, smoking opium then joining a circus, finding Nemo, punching Jesse James to save my master’s honor, meeting my alter ego …and I’m sure there is more to come.

You should play this game if…

  • …You like visual novels.
  • …You love story-rich games with high replay value. (This game probably has the highest replay value I’ve ever seen.)
  • …You are a fan of Jules Verne and/or 80 Days (book).

You should not play this game if…

  • …You hate reading long text in game. (Seriously, you will HATE this game if that’s the case.)
  • …You hate games that don’t have very rich graphics.
  • …You find historical and/or steampunk genre unbearable.

My rating: 9.5/10 — Very enjoyable game with simple, sleek graphics and optimum replay value. Great price for the quality and suitable for pretty much everyone including beginners. Plus, I haven’t found a single bug after 41 hours of gameplay, for which I am grateful.


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