Just a social recluse residing in Bangkok, Thailand.

My main source of fascination has always been humanity related. Anything from social science, art, politics, etc. (Though you may find that politics is conspicuously absent on this site.) I took up 3D graphics and photography in hope that one day I will be able to express my world through them. Occasionally, I document my personal anecdotes here.

English is my second but a primary language for majority of content. However, some posts and sections may be in Thai to accommodate relevant audience.

About Quarterly Reflections

For a while now, I had been toying with the idea of paying tribute to all the things that capture my attention over a span of time. My “modern day hermit” lifestyle doesn’t allow much for social interactions. But it’s my goal to culturally engage in some ways — be it through books, games, public lectures, etc. There are a lot of source materials that leave me with something to ponder. It could be just a simple sentence, a vibe, a concept,.. anything. Some of them aren’t necessarily positive. Regardless, many of such encounters, good or bad, end up drawing a reaction. They shape the way I think from there on forward. Beside serving as a good reference point for my future self, it is my hope that someone who stumbles across my writing might occasionally find it good reflection material and make something out of it.

“Quarterly Reflections” were initially intended to be an annual post. But after some more contemplation, this seems like a good exercise to practice writing reflections and encourage discipline. (After stalling on properly setting up this blog for years, I can attest that recreational blogging indeed requires rigor and discipline — the two currencies too expensive for my procrastinator’s heart.) A personal, and more crucial, reason is that it’s part of my ongoing effort at overcoming social anxiety. It’s still very much a psychological struggle. But perhaps having a concrete goal like this would prove beneficial in the long run.

About Thailand in the News

When I was young, I used to be disinterested in news and current affairs. They never seemed to pertain to my life or my interests, so it was difficult to understand the appeal. Things that are happening outside of my country, especially, appeared irrelevant.

Fast forward to present days, now I understand what was lacking. It was impossible to grasp the significance of each piece of news, because news represent facts. (That’s what they are ideally supposed to be, at the very least.) While a collection of facts makes up the fabric of reality, each fact doesn’t really mean anything in itself. If I hadn’t been following a relevant issue long enough, I wouldn’t understand how the latest report means within context of the big picture. I would not understand how it matters, or my perception might be skewed. While I consider myself to have a good grasp of my country, I imagine much of the meaning and nuances will be lost when I read about other countries in the news. It’s too easy to project one’s own cultural understanding on something that doesn’t relate in another culture. I often wish to have a foreign friend who is passionate about their culture, while also sensitive to how it can be interpreted by both insiders and outsiders.

Hence, Thailand in the News was established. I intended for this to be semi-annual post for Thailand enthusiasts, where I summarize a few most revealing news of the past 6 months that allows a glimpse into 21st century Thailand. This is more of an ethnomethodical inspection, rather than an opinion piece. It’s intended for those who are interested about my country, or just generally enjoy looking at things from a sociocultural perspective.

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